Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings The Blues

Lady Sings the Blues is a deep navy blue jelly filled with small silver glitter and large hexagonal glitter. Application was 2 easy coats. Needs topcoat, drys semi matte.

Kas: Now this is one of the  2 DL polishes I own.  Which I bought at the same time.  And I can say as pretty as the colours are I don't think I'll be getting anymore.  First off I don't know how to describe it but it smells different in a weird way from all the other polishes I own.  And the smell lingers even after it's dry.  Also the pictures are a tad deceiving the glitter is no where near as visible as in the photos.  Flash bring out all the glitter.  Finally I find DL polishes have HORRIBLE wear time (24 hours).  And for the money they cost, they are not worth it.  I shouldn't have to make a polish a special occasion polish because of wear time.   Maybe in the future I'll give DL another go because she does have other VERY pretty, and unique polishes. But for now I'd rather not waste my money on a one night wonder. I mean you wouldn't pay full price for a BMW with a Pinto engine? Blerg... I always feel bad after writing stuff like this. :/

George: Another of your expensive pretties. I like this one, but to be honest it's not a favourite. I love the jelly texture and the way it can appear almost purple in some lights, but the sequins are the part that disappoint me. I wish there were more variety, even more colours. This could've been great if there were maybe an extra size/shape of glitter, and maybe if there were blue glitters instead of just silver. Just more to catch the eye. As it is, this one is pretty, but it doesn't make me want to jump up and buy it, and to be frank, at this price point, that's what I need to feel. No comment on wear time.




  1. Pretty color! That's to bad for the smell. I like your BMW,Pinto joke made me laugh.

  2. Yea I agree on the DL wear's awful. Luckily I don't wear the same nail polish long enough to experience chipping, but I test it on my mom who does (and is really rough on her hands) and DL didn't even last 2 days on her...

  3. wow I love this! it reminds me of a nail polish i have by Nails Inc from Sephora.


  4. Too bad about the wear time. I agree that it's too expensive for that!

  5. I am not a fan of DL polish-I think for the price, its runny and chips easily-I don't buy them!

  6. such a pretty color, sad about the wear time. i have Lippmanns happy birthday though and i love it. perfect formula

  7. Pretty polish! But sorry to hear the wear time is awful! :(

    ~ Yun


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