Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ebony and Ivory Swatch China Glazes Hunger Games Collection - Part 2

So just a little recap.  We will now sometimes post together! And the titles will not always start with "Ebony and Ivory...".  So let's move on to the final 3 polishes in out possession.

Electrify (District 5 - Power)

Electrify is a clear base full of gold and slightly larger red glitter.  We used 3 coats for complete opacity.
Kas: I like this but I would never buy it for myself.  This is a accent ring kind of polish for me. Even if it's not for me it's quite the dazzling colour. Oui?

George: This one is obviously my favourite of the collection. How could it not be? Two of my favourite colours, gold and red, together in a stunning glitter with two sizes. I love the contrast between the colours and how they look like sparks. I bought two bottles of this one, and I am almost afraid to wear it because I don't want to ever run out, haha. I am in love. I think this is about as close to the perfect glitter as you could ever get for me. JUST LOOK AT IT :D
Luxe and Lush (District 1 - Luxury)
Luxe and Lush is another clear base full of different sizes of lilac/pink/blue flakies that flash an assortment of colours depending on what your base colour is. This is definitely meant to be worn as a top coat. We used 2 coats on most of our fingers. And looking at the photos now I think George used 1 on her naked nails.  And each of us swatched it over a plain black cream.
George: This one that I love just because it's unique and weird and very me. I love the shapes, I love the pretty flashes of different colours(Blue! Green! Gold! Peach!) and how it just dances in the light. I can't wait to try this layered over things. I want to see it over a blood red.

Kas: Again this is a polish I really like but it's not for me (I'm VERY picky when it comes to polish if you haven't already figured that out). I LOVE how the flakies can have such a dramatic change of colour depending on what you layer it over.  Looking back we should have swatched it over a lighter colour too. Maybe one day George will do that and show us :P
Stone Cold (District 2 - Masonry)

China Glaze Stone Cold on Index and middle fingers.  Orly Iron Butterfly is on the ring and pinky fingers.

Stone Cold is a black matte/suede with silver shimmer.  We used 2 thin coats but if you really wanted to you could get away with one slightly thicker coat.

Kas:  This is my favorite out of the collection.  I LOVE mattes with shimmer (None of that glorified wall paint stuff).  I have one in almost every colour.  They are my go to when I'm in a rush.  And they look great with top coat.  Anyhoo the minute I saw I swatch of this I knew I loved it and I knew I did NOT need it because I was pretty sure I had Orly's Iron butterfly.  Iron butterfly is SLIGHTLY darker in person.  So if you have iron butterfly (or any black matte shimmer for that matter) you really don't need this.

George: Ahh, the lone matte! This one satisfied my need to own Orly's Iron Butterfly(see our dupe photo) as it's almost identical. I go back and forth on dark mattes, but this one is really interesting and I'm so glad I own it. I love that the shimmer only really comes to life in the right light. It just kind of pops out at you. Really nice colour, though I do wish it were a bit more unique.

Well that's all for today folks!  I'm sleepy.

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  1. Gorgeous colours! I'm unexpectedly loving Stone Cold, and I'm not usually a huge matte fan. But the shimmer is incredible. I'm also a huge fan of Luxe and Lush, especially over bright colours.


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