Saturday, 9 May 2015

There are times in life when change is bad. This is one of them.

Max Factor has changed the formula to Fantasy fire due to the fact that they no longer get that certain pigment. Gone are the days of colour this shifting goodness! This beauty that kept all the Clarins 230 lemmings at bay!  Thankfully I have 2 bottles :D But if you don't have any you should probably go head out and see if you can get old bottle still. If you are in the UK or Australia there are still old bottles out there. I do not remember the name at the moment, but there there was a website that sold this and they still had some old bottles left. Apart from that I have no clue where else you can buy a bottle.

I actually wear Fantasy Fire quite often as it works really well over so many colours. I was actually wearing it when I found out they had changed the formula. And just a note, but you can see the colour shift in person I just couldn't capture it very well on camera.

For my base I used 3 coats of this vibrant purple from a brand called F.A.W.N. There was no name on it just the number 018. I have never heard of this brand before and I have no idea where I bought it from. Shrinkage aside it is very pretty.

While I don't have a comparison post, you guys can head over to Cosmetic Sanctuary and see her post where she does a detailed comparison of the two. Here are some of her photos so you can see for yourself how different it now is. New FF is on the left, old on the right.


  1. I am so glad I got 3 backups of this. So sad that they are changing the formula

  2. WOW, that is a huge difference - it's not at all the same product, they should rename it...

  3. Ugh, totally different! Sadly, this new formula probably won't get enough credit because as it is, it's a knockout. It's not NOT Fantasy Fire and shouldn't share the name (totes agree with Maria!).

    "Classic" FF looks gorgeous over that amazingly vibrant purple!

  4. I have an old version too and I love it ♥. Looks gorgeous over purple!


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