Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I haven't updated in HOW long?

Usually when I don't update I feel it(in my bones). But this week for some reason I have been in a permanent state of "I think I updated 2 days ago," but it turns out that is has actually been over a week. Whoops!

Today I have a review for you! I got some stamping plates from The Born Pretty Store a couple days ago. They also sent me a new squishy stamper, as I had told them last time my reviews had been slow because my stamper had pretty much pooped out on me. So thank you for that!

Today I have this fun floral design I used using the stamping plate BP-43. I stamped purple metallic Orly polish over  Ninja Polish Passion Shift. I did have some problems at first with the new stamper, as it would not pick up the image. Thankfully I had heard that you sometimes needed to prep your stamper. So I gently filed it a bit and it worked after that.

This plate retails for $2.99USD. If you would like this plate be sure to use our 10% discount code! EAL91

*Product sent for honest review


  1. Time flies = you are not bored = good thing unless you are stressed of course :D
    I love this look!

  2. It is a plate with interesting looking patterns. I have the stamper too and exactly like by you, I had to file it down to pick up the pattern.

  3. That was the pattern I gravitated to when I viewed this plate. I envisioned Spongebob Squarepants.

  4. Beautiful match of colours and perfect stamping :-)

  5. Well I'm glad you're back! With my other blog I had that feeling too. I was like "oh its only been a week since my lat post"...but it had been a month. And then I never posted to that blog again. I love this purple and the stamping! Very "the sky in spongebob squarepants"


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