Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Moon Prism Power!

So the other night I ran 3k, at 2 in in the morning, in 3 inch wedges, in around 15 minutes. I thought I was going to die. I'm super unfit so I'm proud of myself in a way. The things you will do to catch the last bus of the night.

Today I have yet another plate from the Born Pretty Store. It's the BP-49 Sailor Moon plate. For my base I kind of did this pastel galaxy, then covered it with holographic glitter. The stamping plate was ok. I don't know why but I had a difficult time picking up the whole design. I used Sinful Colors Snow me white to stamp with. A polish that I have used before in the past with no problem. And the stampers I used also have been used with Snow me White before without a problem. So this manicure took me quite a while because of all the trail and error. I will say I did love how the nails turned out and I have been wearing this manicure for days now because I don't want to take it off and it still looks presentable!

If you like this plate, you can get it over at the Born Pretty Store site where it is on sale for $1.49 USD. And if you want to pay even less for it you can add on out 10% discount code EAL91


  1. I absolutely love the base you created for this mani!!! This looks like a cool stamping plate.

  2. What a fun plate and the background is GORG!!

  3. I don't think I could've done any nail art over that base because it is freaking stunning!!

    1. Isn't it! Luckly it was super easy to do, so I will probably have a go at a proper pastel galaxy at some point.

  4. That looks really awesome. I looked at that plate too, but gave it a miss for the time being :)

  5. I have this plate but I didn't had any inspiration to make a mani with it. Your nails came out stunning, I absolutely love the pastel base combo.

  6. Your pastel galaxy is amazing, I love it... and the samping is perfect! :-)

  7. Do you have a tutorial on how you did the pastel galaxy base ? This is so cute. I love sailor moon


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