Friday, 8 May 2015

An attempt was made. Zig-Zags were had.

So this is the final week of the A-Z Challenge. Technically this was going to be posted yesterday BUT I thought it would be too close to my last post. I like at least a good 20-24 hours between posts. Anyway here we are 26 weeks later. Now I will admit I didn't do all the weeks, but I did most! I also was rarely on time, but I still got around to it! Overall I really liked doing these challenges, as it was a nice way to get a creative jolt. I can't wait to start the next challenge. ARE YOU ALL READY FOR MY TARDINESS?!?!?!

The final week was Zig-Zag. I had this idea in my head that I would do these really cool zig-zag water marble nails. I even found around 3 tutorials for it. Well long story short, water marbling with precision is hard. Zig-zags aside I'm honestly lucky I got a solid water marble. As neat as I thought they looked in the end I really wanted zig-zags, so I got out my NailVinyls and used those. I was a bit worried that the pattern underneath and the black on top would look weird together, but I ended up loving it even more!

And the polishes I used were China Glaze Stoked To be Soaked, Sinful Colors Pull Over and Milani Dude Blue.
Left Hand
 Right Hand

To see all of the people who did the challenge, head on over here:


  1. The water marble is really pretty!! Love the colors you used.

  2. I like your interpretation for the zig-zag theme. Love the bright colors. This is a super cool an eye catching manicure.

  3. LOVE this! Your watermarble is beautiful and the black on definitely did not ruin it! :)

  4. Wow, great colors on that watermarble!!!

  5. I am so envious of people who can get water marbling to work. This is beautiful! :)

  6. You water marble is gorgeous and I love the added chevron on top!

  7. The water marble colors are so pretty!

  8. The water marble colors are so pretty!


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