Monday, 20 April 2015

Wild Weather

I need a rain jacket guys. I am the kind of person that prefers overcast and drizzly days, but I hate that my jacket isn't waterproof. Because then I end up feeling cold, even when it's somewhat warm outside. I will say despite my hatred for hot weather in general one of the things loved about when I was in Trinidad was that the weather was so warm the rain was like a shower.

Speaking of things that are cold, my cold is MUCH better. It appears that it wasn't a bad cold, as it never got to the point where I felt like I needed to lie in bed wish tissues by my side all day. While it wasn't a horrible cold it still sucked any extra energy I had to spare, and I just could not bring myself to do my Wild nails for my A-Z Challenge on time. So here they are finally.

Because I was still feeling under the weather when I did these I wanted to keep them simple. They are really fun leopard print nails. I used Picture Polish's Mad Magenta for a base,  and Barry M's Majesty and Zoya's Dahlia for the spots. It was quick and easy!

No top coat

Top coat


  1. I hope I get to learn how to make good leopard spots like these!

  2. It's really pretty, simple is good - and I'm happy you are feeling better!

  3. Glad you are feeling better :) I love your nails, really fun!


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