Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Catrice - Oh My Goldness!: Best brush ever.

Today I have a polish brand that is new to me. Well new in the sense that I had never tried it, only heard of it.  It's Catrice Oh My Goldness! It's a densely packed glitter/shimmer in a clear base. I only needed to coats, but I added a third for the photo. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first. While its name indicates gold, it leans towards a coppery orange. Once I put it on I ended up loving it. I think it looks great on me, but I'm not sure it will look good on all skintones.

My favourite part of this polish would have to be the brush. Right when I started using it I KNEW it was my new favourite brush. Now my nails aren't wide, but they aren't tiny. I personally like wide brushes over skinny brushes, they are easier for me to use. This brush was a wide brush, but not too wide. The thing that made me love this brush was the flexibility of the brush. It wasn't too floppy, or too stiff, which meant I had perfect control. This meant it wasn't too wide for narrow nails, like my pinky. And at the same time I meant I also got good coverage on wider nails because the brush spread out just enough to easily paint them without ever feeling limp.

Overall I loved this polish, and would love to try out some more from them. Do you guys have a favourite?


  1. Interesting looking gold polish. As you mentioned not made for any skin-tone, but I totally love it on your nails.

  2. What a pretty gold! Beautiful swatch :)

  3. This gold is perfect for you - and I also like the Catrice brushes :)

  4. I've got this one too! But I only use it for dots as it looks horrible with my pale fingers...
    (and a little warning... Catrice brushes are a few great ones among a lot of wonky, wacky, weird ones)

  5. I love Catrice, both for the brushes and for the pretty polishes. I don't have a favourite, it's too hard to pick :D

  6. Oh, this is soooooo gorgeous! What a beautiful, rich colour. I've never heard of Catrice before, but I'm definitely going to Google them now. Thanks for your review and for sharing it with us.


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