Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Well look what we have here: Poison Claws

Even when I don't post on here for a while I am pretty much always taking photos of my nails when I do them. And I always upload them, and I'll say to myself "I'll write about you eventually".  Usually I get around to it, but today I have a manicure that I TOTALLY forgot I did till looking through my photos.

First is Dior Poison. This is a beautiful deep purple cream. It falls in that almost black, but not category. In person it is VERY dark, but it is clear that it is purple. Application was super easy 2 coats, as it is with all my Dior polishe's. To finish it off, and add a little flair, I added some Barry M Majesty. I think these two colours go together perfectly. And it's manicures like this that make me miss my longer nails.


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