Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kiko Wisteria: You may not be the best polish, but at least you aren't a horrible person

Well I had...a day. First half of the day was great. Second, not so much. Long story short, got onto a commuter train, and some annoying guy who was with his son, asked if he could use my phone. I said no, for multiple reasons. One being I just didn't want him using my phone. Anyway, he got angry at me and started going off and calling me the N word, and saying how horrible black people can be. And this went on for a while. I was livid. It took a lot for me to not say anything. Long story short I contacted security, and technically I can press charges for harassment, but I'm not going to. I don't want to waste my time on filth like that. I will say I felt bad for the son(who was for sure biracial[not black though]), who was telling him to "Shut up" the whole time.

Now for the polish. This is two coats of Kiko Wisteria, a periwinkle textured polish, sans shimmer. I honestly didn't know how I would feel about this. I love textured polishes, but never loved the look of textured without shimmer. I always though it looked like a bumpy wall, but I decided to wear this today because I do love the colour. Honestly, I actually really liked it at first. I think it looks good on the nail, but from a far. I think textured polish in general looks better when it's not right in your face. What I didn't like about it was the dry time was it was longer than any other textured polish I own, and it got DIRTY from the dark foundation on my face. Which was impossible to wash off.

Overall I don't hate this polish, but I don't love it. Maybe I can find something artsy to do with it!


  1. Well....I like the polish in the pictures!

    Sorry to hear about the incident :S You did great, obviously you're a much better person than that guy...

  2. Some people! It's horrible that some people find it okay to act like that. What a jerk!

  3. Wow that is awful that that happened to you! I can't believe no one on the train said or did anything.


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