Thursday, 5 March 2015

Zoya London: Sooooooo Quirky.

But not.

Today is the A-Z Challenge and once again I will be late. Not only am I busy this week, but I am doing things that need my nails to not be too quirky(The letter this week is Q). So I have gone in the total opposite direction of quirky and have a swatch for you guys.

This is London from Zoya's soon to be discontinued PixieDust line. It's a gray textured polish with silver shimmer. I used 2  easy coats for this swatch. To get it smooth I only needed 2 coats of top coat. Honestly out of all the textured polishes I have, this is probably the one I like the least. Not to say I don't love it, just out of all of them I am the least impressed with this one. It's very pretty, but doesn't make me swoon.

No topcoat


  1. I'm with you, it's pretty but kind of a "meh" pretty. Does that make any sense? haha!

  2. the original pixie dusts were my fav. just when i was hoping zoya wold go back to the original pixie dusts and make new shades, they discontinue the entire pixie dust line. *sad face*

  3. I know this polish isn't the nicest.. but I'm sure with some rhinestones or studs over it, it could look kinda cool. I just got myself 2 pixie dusts and I really like their formula, so it's nice to see other shades in the same formula :)


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