Friday, 6 March 2015

Roses are red, violets are blue. This post is about roses.

Yet again I wake up with make-up still on and the clothing I wore the night before. I have a tendency of getting into bed and thinking "I'll just lie here for a few minutes, and then get up and change. And I always pass out within 30 seconds and wake up hours late feeling sticky. Blah. But my lipstick is still in place!

So I did a show last night and wanted to keep my nails simple, but still do a bit of art, so this is what i cam up with. This is Chanel Malice with Sinful Colors Gold Medal. And I used my Konad stamping plate in m65 on my index finger. I adore how this turned out. It's simple, but elegant, and not in your face. It also helps that Malice is one of my all time favourite polishes! It's sexy, vampy and has a formula like Velveeta, smooth and full of chemicals.


  1. Pretty! I love this combination of colours :)

  2. Malice is perfect for this mani, I love it!!

  3. Beautiful combination of colours and really lovely stamping! :-)

  4. I'm just going to sit here and drool over Malice. How pretty. I love the gold roses and the gold accents.

  5. Classic and very chic combo :)


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