Monday, 22 September 2014

Can never have too many Nail Vinyl manicures!

Here's just a quick post of a manicure I did a few weeks ago that I LOVED. For my base I use Picture Polish Mad Magenta, then I covered all the nails with some Nail Vinyls(both of which I used a few weeks ago in the Picture Polish Blog/Insta Fest 2014). Then I topped them all off with some Zoya Dahlia. I just love the contrast between the colours, but also the contrast between the texture vs. the non texture.

3 easy coats of Mad Magenta on her own. It's honestly the perfect bright pink for people who aren't massive fans of bright pink.


  1. I like this mix of textured vinyls and a cream - very grungy!!

  2. Mad Magenta is really beautiful :-) Your manicure is gorgeous! I love textured nail polishes and this contrast between the textures is really eye-catching! :-)

  3. I did a similar accent nail the other day and loved it, also with Nail Vynils :) Your glossy-matte interpretation is very cool!

  4. The texture really adds so much to this look--very well done!


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