Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Let's celebrate the first full day of autumn with new nails, stinky polish, and a dusting of sadness :'(

You guys know I love Take That right? If you don't, get out now. Well today my Favourite member Jason Orange left the group. Now I know most of you are rolling your eyes, and that's fine. We all have out things that we like and others don't really understand. And let's be real, if you are a nail polish addict you probably know exactly how that feels. Anyways Boybands as a whole, but especially Take That, is my thing. They can come out with the worst album and I will still stand by them(face palming the whole time, but still). So while I am addend by Jason leaving I wish him and the rest of the band well as they move forward as a trio. I look forward to seeing what new stuff they make me throw my money at.

To make matters even worse(One hell of a first world problem day) I decided to wear Revlons Autumn Spice. First let me say that the formula was fantastic at just 2 easy coats. The colour is amazing! It's a chocolate brown, with golden brown flecks and I'm pretty sure there's also so pink flecks in there as well. Now as you know this is from their line of scented polishes. I was a bit iffy about getting it at first because of that, but I decided to just go for it as the colour was beautiful and it was a sale. It honestly smells like baby powder with a bit of spice. I can't tell you a specific spice as I'm not a spice connoisseur. It just really bothered me to the point where I started to feel a bit queasy. It was almost as bad as the "fresh" smelling feminine pads I accidentally bought.
 FLASH*Ah-Ha*(Only way I could really show off that sparkle)
First world problems aside, I did get a new macbook the other day. And I broke my iPhone5(battery expanded) and Apple replaced it for free! AND I have new nails! So not all is bad in the world!

Ps. Here are some videos of Jason you should all watch:


  1. I'm not into scented polishes at all - or scented products - but wow it is a gorgeous polish to look at!

  2. i have this polish and i actually LOVE the scent! reminds me of pumpkin pie <3


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