Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy Birthday To MeeeeeEEeeeeee!

Over the past few years I have grown to hate birthdays. I always used to wonder why people stopped thinking getting older was awesome. It was amazing going from 8 to 9. I assumed it would be like that forever. Turns out it's not that way. Anyways I have never been one for proper birthday manicures(Cupcakes, divulging my age, that stuff). Even if I was a fan of them I don't think I would do them. So here are some nails that have nothing to do with my birthday!

So today my manicure is sort of Take That related(LEAVE ME ALONE! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I DO WHAT I WANT). It's actually Jason related, because as some of you may know he left Take That two days ago. And I'm all sorts of sad because he was my favourite member. Is this what 1996 feels like? Anyways this mani is a nod at his performance from Take That Presents The Circus Live. At one point he wears some dandy striped trousers while singing the song Wooden Boat. Part of the lyrics are:

We go from green to blue to gold to black.
Breathe deep, who knows how long this will last. 

Oooooooo and here is the performance! I suggest you watch it for you own health!

Now off to go drinking! I'll never say no to a Friday Birthday!


  1. Awww... You should still enjoy your birthday. Fun mani. Happy birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! even if the numbers don't matter anymore. Have fun and stay safe.

  3. Happy birthday Dear Kas - if it's any comfort you will get used to getting older and older - think of the alternative :D

  4. We share our birthday, and I don't care much for it either but I hope you had a great day either way!

  5. Happy birthday! I too have grown to hate birthdays... But I still hope you had a good one!


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