Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Squiggly Splat!

Today I have some Born Pretty Store tip guides to show you. This is another manicure that I did a while ago(My nails aren't even this shape any more!) I showed you guys the Nail Vinyl's a few weeks ago for the first time as well as yesterday, but this was actually my first experience using weirdly shaped strips. Application wise, these were really easy to use. Not only that but, they were very sturdy.

I decided to try something a bit different and splatter over them. This was a bit harder because a)All I had were coffee stir sticks to blow through b)You had to get as close to full coverage for the pattern to show up. I ended up so winded by the end of it. I was actually taking breaks between fingers, to catch my breath. I finished off the look with some studs and beads(that bled :( )

Picture from Born Pretty Store

If you would like some of these head on over here to get them for only $1.58USD! And get 10% off with out discount code EAL91!


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