Sunday, 7 April 2013

First attempt at nail foils...Well this was much harder than orginally anticipated

Hmmmmm...where do I begin?

So the Born Pretty Store asked me to review these nail foils.  I ordered them in this holography gold, an electric blue and a really cool green.  Now I've seen people use them before and I though "This should be easy".  It was trying but I did give it a valiant first attempt.

The instructions were prepair you nails like you normally would.  File, basecoat, the works.  Whatever you do to prep for a manicure.  Next add 2 coats of polish(I used H&M Plum and Cherry).  Let the first coat dry and then let the second coat dry(but not all the way).  Next you gently place the foil silver side down on your nail and rub it on you nail(I used my finger).  Finally remove the foil and la vola! Topcoat, done.

Now I did everything they said.  I even watched the video on the site.  But I still had some problems. 1)I didn't didn't let it dry enough the first time.  So the polish came off when removing the foil.  2)Next I waited too long and the foil didn't even stick.  3)Although not that noticeable in the photos some of the polish was smudged in the process.  But topcoat made it a lot less obvious.

Now I won't call this a fail but I do think I can get this looking better if I try again.  Maybe with a different polish.  Anyways I didn't measure how much was in each but on the website it says they contain 113cm of foil.  Which is just  over 3.5 feet.  And considering I only used about an inch I have plenty to practice with.

Favourite out of the bunch.

If you want to buy these you can get them from the Born Pretty Store for $2.99(USD) each! There are over 20 different foils to choose from for nail art fun!  And Shipping is FREE!  You can also use our code(EAL91) and get a 10% discount on whatever you buy!

*Products sent for honest review.


  1. I think it still looks cool on your nails!

  2. I really want to try nail foil! x

  3. very interesting look, but seems like too much effort to be with it

  4. I think they look pretty cool :) I wish all ofm y failures looked that good!

  5. These look really cool! Well done on combining them <3

  6. ive got some of these coming to me to review too, im so nervous they will be a big fail for me as i've never used them. the effect looks super cool though with what you did, i would definitely consider it a success!

  7. It looks like something from a fancy art gallery - so it's totally worth the hard work if you ask me :)

  8. This came out so pretty and interesting - well done!

  9. The application sounds a bit complicated if you have to gauge the exact stage of almost-dry - they did come out cool though. I'd love to see one with just the green and the gold, I think they'd look brilliant together.

  10. Although it didn't go the way it was suppose to, I still like the end result. It looks very cool! :-)

    ~ Yun

  11. Looks good! Maybe you should try glue to make the foil stick, that way you don't have to worry about semi dry/too wet smudged base polish.

    1. Now when you say glue, what type of glue do you mean? Because I really want to try this again!


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