Friday, 15 August 2014


At the end of last month is was a friends birthday. For her birthday we all went on a ghost walk, which logically meant I had an excuse to put ghosts on my nails in July.

The walk itself was ok. It wasn't really scary, and I didn't see a single ghost. Now I have gone on ghost walks in the past that have scared me to death(but not really because I would be a ghost!) But I did like this because I did learn quite a bit. Yes you heard me I had fun learning about stuff. I can't say I believe in ghosts at this point, but I can't say I don't believe in them.

To get this simple look I painted 3 of my nails either purple(Orly Charged Up) or orange (Nicka K Vibrant Orange) and topped it with a nail polish classic Ninja Polish Sticks n' Stones. My accent nails I pained them with black polish and then added the ghosts using white acrylic paint. The only thing I was sort of sad about was the fact the the Seche shrunk my tips *shakes fist*.

What do you think of these? And more importantly, do you believe in ghosts?


  1. That is so pretty! This would be great for Halloween! I've actually never heard of a ghost walk. haha

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    1. Go away cat. You can't drive. New or used!

  3. I like Orly Charged Up :-) Cute, cute accent nails :-)

  4. I love these, but i love any halloween stuff any time! And yes, I do believe in ghosts :) Spirits are always with us!


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