Monday, 25 August 2014

piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014!

This year I am happy to say I am participating piCture pOlish's 2014 blog/insta fest! One thing they are doing differently this year is in addition to using their polishes, we also have to use Nail Vinyls in our manicure. Things are about to get wacky in here!

First off I have a swatch of my first polish. Freya's Cats that was created in 2013 with Sasha of Nihrida. When I first saw I received this polish I had three thoughts. 1)What a stunner 2)Did they send this to me because of my blog name? 3)If they didn't that is one amazing coincident. For those of you who don't know this polish was inspired by Sasha's love of the colour blue, and the Norse Goddess Freya(Freja), who had a chariot that was pulled around by two cats(Isn't Norse mythology amazing?). What does this have to do with my blog? Well in Norse mythology during battle Valkyries choose who lives and who dies. Then out of all the people who die they take half of them to Valhalla, ruled over by the God Odin. The other half of the dead go with Freya to Fólkvangr, where she rules.


The polish itself is a beautiful deep yet vibrant blue(Reminded me of the most recent TARDIS). Had it been a bit brighter it could have easily been considered an electric blue. It was packed full of scattered holographic flecks, the kind that piCture pOlishe does so well. To get full coverage I needed 3 coats. Although if you used 2 thick coats, I'm sure you could get away with 2 coats. This polish is probably on of my favourite polishes I own now :D


Next up I have my nail art using Mad Magenta(A bright Magenta), Sea Jewel(Green glitter in a light teal base) and Chevron Nail Vinyls. On my index and pinky finger I did a single Nail Vinyl strip over either Mad Magenta or Sea Jewel. Then I painted over the whole nail with the colour that was not the base and removed the strip with tweezers. Easy as pie.


On my middle and ring finger I wanted to try something different. See if I could find a totally new way to use the strips.Which I am glad to say, I think I did! Now let me show you how:

1) Paint the nail your base colour. In my example it was Sea Jewel. 
2) Cut the Nail Vinyl's into smaller pieces and place them on your nail making sure there are no air bubbles and they are stuck down completely(IMPORTANT)
3) (OPTIONAL) With a small brush paint over the Vinyls with white polish. You only need to do this is the original colour of the Nail Vinyl is going to be hard to cover with just polish.
4) With that same small brush, paint over the vinyls your second colour. In my example Mad Magenta. You may need 2 coats.
5) Seal it all in with a top coat. If you didn't do step 2 correctly they will start to lift and curl.

I loved how these two colours worked together. Especially the contrast between the solid colour and the glitter. I wore this for 2 days and didn't have a single problem with the Nail Vinyls coming off those two fingers.

Now everyone calm down! I know by now you are probably all yelling at your computer screens, demanding more information. Well everyone sit back down. For I come bearing links.

Nail Vinyls Links

piCture pOlish Links

Also just so you know piCture pOlish will be retailing a special exclusive 4 pack 'Nail Vinyls' containing 'Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight & Right Angles. But wait! You want to know what all the other Nail Vinyls look like? I come bearing MORE links! Check out the inlinkz below and see what other bloggers did with all the different Nail Vinyls they were given!

Sasha aka Nihrida
Sasha aka Nihrida
with Sasha aka Nihrida
with Sasha aka Nihrida


  1. I love this mani - it's very gorgeous!

  2. I love how you used the Nail vinyls, placing them directly on the nail is such a fun was to use them. Absolutely stunning!

  3. LOVE the colors together, stunning mani!

  4. Very cool!! Love how you kept them on and painted over them to create almost a 3D look! :)

  5. Freya's Cats is just stunning! ^_^

  6. what a gorgeous color, and I love how you wore the vinyls!

  7. I don't own Freya's Cats. What's wrong with me! :D

  8. This is such a great post; I've been lemming for Freya's Cat since I first saw it and your pictures are just so gorgeous I want it more! The vinyl manicure came out great, I agree with others that it does look 3D, so cool :) xx


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