Monday, 11 August 2014

Maybelline Blue Marks The Spot

This is a polish that Robyn Gave me a few months ago because she just didn't like it as mch as she thought she would. I can safely say I'm glad she didn't like it :P

This is Maybelline Blue Marks The Spot(But had you been reading since the title I'm sure you could have made that connection) from their Polka Dots collection, layered over one coat of Maybelline Denim Dash. On its on this polish is kind of this weird sheer, milky blue. It really does not look all that great on it's own. Espicially when you have nails like mine aka Yellow as a lemon. My sketch nails kind of give the polish a green tint. I thought a perfect match would be Denim Dash a matte, denim colour shimmer. I had to use two coats of BMTS over DD for good coverage and I did have to do blotting on some nails where it was uneven.

I really like this polish. I honestly don't know if I would buy it at full price, but if it was on sale or like in this case given to me for free it would not go to waste! I can honestly say I have no idea if this is part of their permanent collection, but know you can find it online on places like Amazon.

What do you think of this polish?

Denim Dash


  1. I really like Denim Dash and I love the final combination :-)

  2. I like it much better on you!

  3. I love it over Denim Dash! And I own both of these, so I'm totally stealing this layering idea. ;)


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