Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I swear this looked AMAZING!

I'm going to be honest with you guys, because we're all friends here. When it comes to glitter swatches I sometimes don't care for macro shots. It's not that they aren't pretty, but let's be real when are you ever going to see your nails like that? I just feel like sometimes when looking at polish from different distances can make it look different kind of like with different lighting. I'm making sense right?

Well this manicure is the opposite of that. I know this isn't macro, but it is a close up. While it looks kind of cool I don't think it looks it's best. This manicure in my opinion is a perfect "To be seen from a distance-acure". It's one of those manicures that catches peoples eye, but not in an obnoxious way.

To get this look I first got some inspiration from on of my favourite mediums to get inspiration from, Fashion. The piece I based this on was from Felder Felder's Autumn Winter 2014 collection. To get the effect of the dress I used the dry brush technique using a fan brush. A technique where you wipe most of the paint off your brush before using it on you nails, giving it a distressed look. I used a combo of polish and acrylic paints over a white polish.

Have you tried this technique before?

Also could someone please buy me the dress? Please and thank you :P


  1. I see what you mean - it does make sense - even if I love a combo of photos including macro's ;)
    I like this mani very much - it's a perfect match with the dress!

  2. I love it. It's a great interpretation of the dress and I really think you did a good job :)

  3. It looks very well. Cute and grungy altogether. Macro shots are cruel sometimes, sometimes manis look better from a further distance, I agree. Well done :)


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