Saturday, 22 September 2012

Zoya FeiFei: In which Zoya is redeemed.

So you all know about my love/hate(more hate) relationship with Zoya polishes.  Much like Lippmann, Zoyas chip on me in HOURS.  Like, just so fast.  It's rage inducing to paint your nails a gorgeous new colour only to have to take it all off before you're able to wear it out of the house.  I very rarely buy Zoyas because I never wanted to have to buy a separate base and top coat just to use them.  I think brands like Zoya can afford to step up their game and make polishes that work with other top and base coats.  Come on, guys.  It's not hard.

BUT recently I decided to go for it and I swapped for the Zoya Colour Lock system,  so I decided to get myself a new Zoya to test it out.  I decided on FeiFei really easily, it was just so interesting that I knew I needed it, even if it never left my house.  FeiFei is a true chameleon, one of the nicest polishes I've ever seen.  A grey(I THINK) base with lots of blue, purple, green, and gold.  Every time it hit the light I got a different colour.  I love this so much.

So the big question, how did the base a top coat fare?  Well... Better than usual, but nothing terribly amazing.  I wore it for three days, had a very small chip on day two and a larger chip on my thumb on day three.  I tried the "system" with Charla and Mimi in recent days as well to similar results.  So Zoya with it's special and fancy "Colour Lock" system lasts for less time on average than A England with whatever I have lying around.  Sure, I'm impressed, but only because anything longer than two hours with Zoya on is practially a miracle for me.



  1. This is such an interesting colour!! I can't tell if I like it or not. XD

  2. Awww, man, I kid you not- I had this in my shopping cart a mere 10 minutes ago, but didn't pull the trigger on it. So very pretty, so very tempting. So many colours! Do want.

  3. I can't ever look at this enough... This polish is so beautiful!!!


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