Saturday, 29 September 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

So I love baseball.  I grew up playing T-Ball and then softball, and growing up going to games was one of my favourite things.  My grandmother and I would watch Toronto Blue Jays games from her bad in her nursing home, and my first memory is watching her squeal with glee over Pay Borders and his dirty hat.  I have never been one to really follow or root for a specific team(though obviously my loyalty lies with the Jays for purely nostalgic reasons!) but I just love the sport.

So when my friend Stella and I went to a ball game the other night, our Jays vs the Yankees, I decided that we needed some ballpark nails.  I went with the old Blue Jays logo(the new one is so boring!) and a little itty bitty Yankee logo on my pinky.  We ended up trouncing those Yanks 6-0, though they did kick our asses last night.

But then.... GASP... Tragedy struck!  My nail art brushes and dotting tools, they were missing!  How was I going to do small details without tools?  Well, I  persevered, and I ended up doing the whole design(including the polka dots on the other hand) with the jaggy end of a bent hairpin.  I think I did a pretty good job despite lack of tools :P

Polishes used:  Orly Royal Navy, OPI Big Apple Red(for the shadow on the text and the red on the logo), Color Club French Tip(THE BEST WHITE EVER, I swear it's sorcery how perfect this formula was.  What you see on my middle finger is one thin coat), Illamasqua Serenity, China Glaze Sea Spray, and a plain black stripe rite brush with some sliver glitter.

Pretty proud of my itty bitty maple leaf :P 

Ran out of time so the other hand was just dotty, but I think I did a damn good dotting job given that I was using a craggy old bobby pin!


  1. Wow you did the logo really well! I'm amazed =D

    1. Thanks! It was definitely a challenge! Maybe a sign that I should venture into nail art more often :)

  2. you did an amazing job! especially with no nail art stuff. i wonder where it could have gone :( i hope you find it soon! the part i like most is that pinky nail ;) go yanks!

    1. Thanks! The dotting tools have since emerged(my mother decided to be helpful and pack my nail art stuff into an under bed box full of beauty products) but the brushes are still missing! Luckily my cleanup brush is still here though.

      It was my first Yankees vs anyone game, I didn't know you guys had Suzuki(yes, I live under a wet stone) so that was a pleasant surprise! Last I remembered he was playing for the...Mariners?

  3. Cool nails, you painted this very well!


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