Monday, 10 September 2012

How I get my nails so damn sexy (using only a really expensive assortment of products including dragon elixer and pure magic). I'll also show you some n00dz!

So I really didn't have a post today so I just decided I would show you some naked photos...of my nails!  And just write a bit about how I take care of them.

Now before you read any farther keep in mind what I do works for ME.  And just because it work for me doesn't mean the same will work for you.  I am not a professional nail tech,  I'm an actor and writer.

Now I've seem other bloggers do post like this.  And most of them contain, oils, sticks, creams, and what I can only assume is something expensive created from the breast milk of Aphrodite. Mine contains none of those.  When it comes to nail care I'm kind of a hippie.  But I've been doing my thing for years now and it works like a charm.  Let's begin. I'm going to do this in list form.  I don't do enough lists.
  1. I only buffer my nails for one of two reasons.  If I have a break and need to repair it with a tea bag.  Or if I stumbled upon a polish that I didn't know stained and can't get rid of the stain.  I don't find it prolongs the life of my polish.
  2. I rarely cut my nails.  Generally I file them a tad using an emery board every time I do my nails.  About once every 7-10 days I use a stainless steel file and file a bit more than usual.  Then I soften the look with the emery board. NOTE: Some people say not to use a stainless steel file because it makes you more prone to breakage and peeling.  I don't have that problem. Never have.
  3. I have NEVER used cuticle remover.  90% of the time I don't think I need it.
  4. Vaseline or any other brand of petroleum jelly.  Now the palms of my hands do tend to get quite dry(mainly in the winter).  And my fingers get dry too (but not nearly as dry). So I use Vaseline.  I use it after I shower.  So once a day.  That's pretty much all I do to keep my hands from not drying out.  No special creams.
  5. Base coat, base coat, base coat.  I always wear it.  I use Sephora by OPI Strengthener. Which is also a base coat.  It's the only base coat I use. 
If you were too lazy to read that let me sum it up for you. I don't buffer of do anything to my cuticles.  In my opinion I have no reason to.  If file my nails.  I use Vaseline.  And I always use base coat.

Questions?  Comments?  Take That?

Ps.  There should be a bloggers n00dz week.  Where everyone posts their n00dz (nails). :P

NOTE:  All these photos were taken soon after I removed my nail polish.  My nails are as naked as they get.  This is what they look like most of the time(without polish). As you can see they are a tad stained but really not that bad considering I almost always wear polish.

 Nothing fancy to see here folks!  Just my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (I use this 90% of the time).  My Sephora by OPI Strengthener. My Revlon stainless steel nail file and my 4-way buffer (File, buff, smooth, shine).  And my Seche Vite top coat (which I use maybe 10% of the time).


  1. I think you are really blessed with strong and healthy nails! I am also amazed that you never do anything to your cuticles, yet they're so clean and neat! Super envy of you!!

  2. I'll have to start breaking out the vaseline in the winter (although the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream I use is pretty much the same)- my fingertips get wickedly dry in the winter. And I've never ever used cuticle remover either.

    1. I always have to use Vaseline. It guarantees I don't get ashy :P Yay cuticle remover virgins! I felt like I was the only one who didn't use it. Well only one out of people who knew a thing or two about nails.

  3. you crack me up! you are lucky to have naturally strong nails. If i did what you did id have sad little nubbins :( im still trying to find the right combo to keep my nails from breaking so much. my grandma spent a long time looking for the right combo to make her nails grow long and strong too but never found it. guess breaking nails are in the genes

    1. If your nails aren't hard or brittle maybe you should try out the Sephora by OPI Strengthener. My nails never really broke but they would peel quite a bit and I started using this a few years ago. I personally love it! I'm sure you'll eventually find the right combo!

  4. You have such long, lovely nail beds! And Husband just gave me a funny look for saying, "Aaugh, I want her nail beds!"

    1. Hahahahaha!!! The other day I told my friend I thought a celeb was hot, and he had beautiful cuticles. I'm pretty sure I got the same look you got :P

  5. Ooh I guess I'm a hippie with my nail care too...we seem to have similar routines :)


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