Monday, 17 September 2012

It's so cute, she'll sometimes take a pack of mayonnaise...

So when I saw swatches of Hap Hap Happy Hands' Arrested Development collection, I knew my paypal balance was going to suffer.  Arrested Development is easily in my top 5 favourite TV shows of all time, and I absolutely loved the moments she used as inspiration for the polishes.  I bought three, but I'll have to show you the other two together because they go together(Illusions, Michael and Tricks are Something a Whore Does for Money... Or Candy).   So first up is Mayonegg, which feautures medium and larger matte yellow hex glitters in a jelly-like white base with fine shimmer.

I did three coats alone on my middle finger(and index) and the other fingers show two thin coats over a single coat of my favourite white creme, NARS Ecumé.  The formula left a lot to be desired as you can see from the obvious application problems(FORGET wrapping the tips with this one!), but I anticipated that because this polish is honestly PACKED with glitters.  The trouble in application was forgiven when there was not a bit of glitter fishing to be done.

First photo was taken in bright sunlight, the other two in fluorescent indoor light.


  1. Looove AD! Not crazy about the polish, but I definitely appreciate the reference! I am tempted to buy just because of that lol.

  2. I'm surprised I lurve this so hard <3


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