Monday, 7 May 2012

Orly Glowstick

This, my friends, is one that needs to be seen to be believed.  Now, I am a fan of neons.  I have many, I am always looking for new ones.  They're perfect for summer and I love how they just make everything a little more fun.  My mother calls them "Georgia's trailer trash nails", but whatevs, we all know how crazy moms can be!  I will always be excited when a brand comes out with more neons!  And since Orly is one of my favourite brands, I was super excited to see some neons in their latest collection.  I have Glowstick for you today, and I will have Melt Your Popsicle another day this week.

Glowstick is BRIGHT.  Photo taking was a NIGHTMARE because the colour just doesn't want to look as bright as it really is.  Also, some of you who follow us on Facebook might have seen how weird the swatch I uploaded looks, well, that's the SAME PICTURE as the last picture here.  Clearly Facebok hates this colour too.  But Orly have outdone themselves with these, because they are the brightest neons I've found.  They are insane, retina-searing neons, and this is the closest to an actual highlighter yellow polish I've seen.  The other thing that you can see here that I LOVE about neons is how damn TAN they make me look.  This is two coats over white.

Do any of you share my affinity for neons? What's your all-time favourite neon shade?


  1. Wow this is so bright! Very aptly named!

  2. Very bright! I like this color for summer.

  3. wow! Gorgeous! Lately I have started to like neons and this one is definitely in my wish list.

  4. That is awesome!!!! I love neons!

  5. Oh god, I love neons too. This is just amazing! Orly is awesome :) My favourite neon is Turned up turquoise by China Glaze!

    1. You'll love my next two posts. If it's possible, Melt Your Popsicle is even crazier than this. I could hardly photograph it.

  6. i LOVE neons!! yellow is my favorite because it is the brightest! i love a nice neon pink too, its such a fun color!

  7. I don't any yellow this bright. I want it!


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