Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Orly Dayglow and Melt Your Popsicle

So for those who, like me, are looking forward to adorning their nails with some crazazy neons this summer, this is another post for you!

I have for you today two more of Orly's Feel The Vibe polishes, Dayglow and Melt Your Popsicle.  Dayglow is a white shade with a very, very, very slight blue flash.  It's an EXCELLENT base for neons, so if you're in the market for a good white, make it this one!  For this swatch I used two very thin coats.  As you can see it's not entirely opaque, but I think two normal coats or three thin ones would do the trick nicely if you were looking to wear it alone.

 2 thin coats, artificial light.

Next up is Melt Your Popsicle(Katy Perry, anyone?), which is an electric orange shade.  Now, I also have Essie Bright Tights, but this is in a whole other world.  I took over 80 photos of this baby, and only about 10 looked anything close to normal.  The flash does something to this one, it makes it look like orange juice!  Here are a few of the best shots I could get.   Orly clearly meant business with these neons!

This is the closest to colour accuracy I could get, and this is still a VERY muted version of the real shade. 

It matches my hula hoop!

I tried to get some fun motion shots with my hoop, but this is my favourite one.  I love it!


  1. wow! Melt Your Popsicle looks gorgeous!

  2. I really liked the last pic.

  3. Wow this is so bright and awesome! I need some more neon polishes!

  4. This post reallllly made me want to paint my nails neon and track down a hoola hoop. Fun combo!

  5. So bright, I love it!!! Hahah and I love that it matches your hula hoop, that last shot is awesome!

  6. amazing color! i love neons. the action hula hoop shot is awesome!

  7. I am loving the neons. They are just another reason to love summer! I love the hula hoop picture! Super fun!


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