Saturday, 26 May 2012

Seizure hands, OR What Happens When Georgia Plays With Spectraflair

So... Recently I received some Spectraflair in the mail.  I think Robyn and Kas knew I would turn into an obnoxious holo monster, and I can't not live up to that.

So I decided to first do a topcoat.  I mean, if you're going to do it, make it versatile.  But so far my favourite way to wear it is over China Glaze Cheers To You.  Three or four coats and it is BLINDING.  My college roommate is epileptic and accused me of trying to give her a seizure when she saw my nails.  Photos can never do justice to how revoltingly, sickeningly blinding this was.

Beware, my camera was funny with this one so one of my pictures is CRAZY orange and this one was a challenge.  But they were the best pictures I got, so I'm sharing them!

The above photo is NOT EDITED AT ALL other than cropping.  WTF camera. 

Who loves holos????  I can't be the only one who loves blinding holos!


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