Friday, 16 January 2015

I Hate The Ocean, But I am Starting to Like Stamping!

First of all, that you for your sweet comments, I am feeling much better! Today I have this ocean manicure that I used with the help of my Born Pretty stamping plate. First of all I hate the ocean. It's salty and gross, and scary things live in it. Also I am not a big fan of nature on a whole. I like observing in in photos, and I can appreciate its beauty, but I would rather be in the middle of a bustling city any day.

Today's manicure is probably the first time I did stamping and wasn't completely overwhelmed. I'm still not the best but I am getting better. For this I started with Barry M Majesty on the end of my nails closer to the cuticle and then I used Sally Hansen's Pacific blue* on the other end. Finally I sponged on Essie's Moon Struck to make the water look more interesting. This stamping plate(BP-10) was pretty fantastic. All the small details were really easy to pick up and translated really well. I'm sure once I figure out what polishes work best for stamping my designs will look even better(I used Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the stamping). The only thing I didn't like was some of the designs were a bit messed up because I had a few strand of the cotton ball from my removal of my previous manicure stuck in the polish. When I took them out I didn't realise how long some of the strands were and they kind of warped some of the designs.

All in all I am pleased with this manicure and I'm even more excited to give stamping another go! If you would like this plate, just head on over here to the Born Pretty website. It's only $2.99 USD and you can use our 10% discount code (EAL91)!

*Pacific blue looks SUPER vivid in these 0_o Softer in real life and the white is more noticeable.

**Product sent for honest review


  1. That's a seriously cool mani. I agree about the ocean. Pretty, but no! :D

  2. These nails look so beautiful. True story, I get so motion-sick that I can't even watch the ocean on tv (or in person but that's been years, to tell the truth) without wanting to throw up!

  3. Nice manicure! :-) I love this stamping plate! :-)

  4. you did really well. the colors you used for the sand are perfect!


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