Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nicole By OPI - My Cherry Amour: Siiiiiiicccccckkkkkkkk

Blah! I'm sick and I have been for the past several days. I thought I would avoid getting sick this year because I like to pretend I'm invincible, but then the boy went and infected me with this damned cold! Anyways I'm feeling a bit better, but my nose is killing me. It was bad enough that I didn't change my polish for DAYS. My manicure actually started to........chip........and even then I still didn't have the energy to change it.

When I did gain a bit of my strength back I decided the least I could do was give myself a new manicure. Nothing fancy, just presentable. So I went with Nicole By OPI My Cherry Amour. This is a rich magenta, textured polish, with holographic glitter, from NOPI's Gumdrops line. It has that candy feel to it! I of course had to top coat it and wow, It looked stunning. It made the holo pop even more and made the colour look even more glorious. And just and fyi, it took 2 coats of TC to have it almost smooth(slight bumps not noticeable unless you looked closely) and 3 coats for total smoothness.

If you can get your hands on this I suggest you snap it up. I know it was a Limited edition collection, but you can easily find it on Amazon.


  1. Awww, fell better soon <3
    I LOVE that polish, it's gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful manicure :)
    I have this polish but I never dreamed it would look this good with topcoat, thanks for showing me.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I love this polish and the whole line, wish they had done more, i have just about all of them.....

    It is tough to be the kind of sick where you have to blow your nose so much, can't make it thru a polish change without needing to blow again, ugh, I sympathize! Hope it blows over soon... :D

  4. The polish is really beautiful, especially with topcoat, I like shiny things too :D
    I hope you feel much better really soon!

  5. gorgeous polish! I hope you feel better soon!

  6. This is so beautiful, I just wish I didn't hate NOPI's bottle shape so much! haha!

  7. Beautiful, I think it will help you feel better :-)


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