Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Since I started blogging, the one thing I could NEVER photograph was glitter. I mean I could, but no matter how hard I tried it always ended up looking like a shiny, undefined blob. But I have seen the light! And that light is my Canon 70D. You can actually make out what my design made out of glitter is! Yay! Again bare with me with my photos. Now that I have a better camera I can now work on making all my photos look the same :P

So today's manicure I have diamond shaped glitter that I got from Born Pretty Store. This pot comes with all sorts of colours in it, some of which have a holo look going on! Application was easy, but it was a bit hard on my eyes, as I chose to only use silver pieces in mine. When I was searching for them, the light would sometimes hit a different colour and make it look silvery. One they were on I ended up topping with a coat of clear polish, and then Seche Vite. Overall I liked them a lot, but I do wish they would have laid a bit more flat on my nails, because even with 2 coats of polish and tc, there was still sticky out bits.

This manicure was inspired by a piece of art I found on tumblr, by a talented artist, Rachel Roach. It's called Frost on the Branches. My base is Barry M Blackberry.

If you like these nails and you want to try out this glitter, head on over to the Born Pretty Store, where you can get them for $2.62 USD. AND you can use out 10% discount code(EAL91), so that way they cost even less!!!


  1. Meh I don't like when there are parts sticking out :l but the manicure looks really nice!

  2. This is seriously stunning work! Congrats on the new camera! :D

  3. Yay to your Canon D70! And you've done a great job with those glitters! :-)

  4. Woohoo for glitter and even more so for being able to photograph it! :)

  5. i tried a glitter placement mani once and gave up. it is so time consuming! you did a great job!


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