Monday, 5 January 2015

Simply Love - Barry M Blackberry

Again please forgive my photos. I am still playing around with my camera. If anyone has any tips on how to get sharper images on a DSLR let me know. I'm getting better, but most of the time the bottle will be in focus and the nails not.

Today I have the first swatch of 2015! Yes that is right. I am the first person to swatch anything in the year 2015! I'm just a little late posting it :P

Today I have Barry M Blackberry from their Gelly Hi-Shine line. Blacberry is a dark royal blue, along the same lines of the TARDIS(9 and 10's TARDIS). To get full coverage I used two coats, but it comes very close to being a one coater. Application was easy as 1,2,3 and clean up did not leave me with Smurf cuticles. This will be perfect if it doesn't stain when I remove it. Without topcoat this polish was super shiny(as Hi-Shine implies), but I ended up using TC, because I don't take chances.

Overall I loved this polish, and it is another reason Barry M is one of my favourite drug store brands. What is your favourite drug store brand?


  1. It's a really lovely blue!
    I love Barry M and am impressed with the quality = value for the money. We cannot buy it here in Denmark tho...

  2. I really like that blue, and I think Barry M makes great polishes as a rule :)

  3. Freaking gorgeous nail polish!!

  4. ...Smurf cuticles, ahaha.. :-) Hope also the removing will be easy! :-) That blue is beautiful! :-) I imagine some white flowers on it, I can't resist, I adore nail art and flowers :-)


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