Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Paddy's Day Nails!

Argh!  For the past few days my shoulder and neck have been killing me.  I have no clue why :/  I want to say because of how I sleep, but the pain is at its least painful when I get up and it get's worse throughout the day.  If it was due to how I sleep shouldn't it be most painful when I wake up?  Even though it's neck and shoulder pain, I refuse to google it.  That will just make me worry.  It will tell me I'm dying, or I'm pregnant.  Shoulder pregnancy!


Annnnyyyyywwwwaaayyys, this is the manicure I have been wearing this weekend.  I decided to do green(Sinful Colors Hey, You!) AND blue(Sinful Colors Endless Blue) because blue is actually the colour St. Patrick wore!  At first I wasn't sure what design I wanted to do on my nails I just knew I didn't want to do clovers or rainbows.  So I decided with these simple gold foil tips and a foil cross.

Not I liked how they came out, but like last time the top coat killed some of the holo effect.  That being said I also tried the put clear polish on it first before the top coat, and that killed the holo completely.  At this point I'm in a love hate relationship with foils.  I love how they look till the top coat.  And it started to come off after I took a shower :(


  1. Love it! I especially like that you didn't do traditional and boring oh so overdone shamrocks! Beautiful colors and the gold is the perfect accent.

  2. WOW - this is amazingly gorgeous!
    WOW, *Maria close your mouth, you look stupid*

  3. i love that you added blue to this mani! most people don't know that blue was st. patty's color. we are in the cool club :-P

  4. It is really hard to work with foils, but I think you naild it, I love how your design looks!

  5. I absolutely love this!
    I haven't tried foil yet even thought I think it looks cool on others.


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