Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I don't love you?

So generally I don't post my fails, or things I just don't like.   Now just to clarify fails to me are things I look at and say "That's really not pleasant to look at".  Things i don't like are more along the lines of "You look ok, but I'm not feeling you".  This manicure originally from January, fell in to the I don't like it category.   I thought it looked just ok on the nail, and I just hated it when I photographed it.  But this morning I was going through photos I had that I never posted when I came across this the photos again.  And I can honestly say I didn't not like it nearly as much as I did before.  I can't say I love it but I'm pretty sure I like it now :P

Oh and I used OPI's Dating a Royal and Glow Up Already!

Do you share things you just feel meh about?


  1. It doesn't look that bad. It is actually pretty nice :)
    I don't post things that I don't like, and are done badly... Some nails "I am not feeling" I do post as long as they are done correctly... they are just not my piece of cake... or in my head they looked better :p

  2. Hey, this looks great - and I'm not even a fan of blue-anything.

  3. I absolutely love it - so much!
    In the beginning I didn't share the meh's - but today I do because I found out that no matter how little I like it - there always are someone out there who thinks it's the most amazing thing. And it proves more than anything how different we are - and that there are no rights nor wrongs...

  4. I like this manicure! :-) It happens to me to make a manicure that looked better in my head, but once when I finish it I don't like it on my nails... If it's not a complete fail I publish it and I always see that many girls like it anyway :-)

  5. I think these look beautiful -- definitely not a fail! The combination of blue and gold is gorgeous :)

  6. I do share my fails, and then I get all these people who love it! Then you start wondering if everyone around you has bad taste? ;) It helps me to not be so critical.

  7. I like this mani too!
    And I do share fails; they have to be *really* ugly for me not to share :D


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