Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What's that saying again? Ah yes! 5th times the charm...

So last Friday I left my phone at the boys place and have yet to pick it up.  Only now do I realize how often I check my emails, as I keep reaching for it.  And yes I know I can check my laptop, but that means changing accounts which is a (vary minor, but still very real) pain in the ass.  I also miss my Candy Crush.  I have been on Level 500 for over a month now, and I fear my cousin will have over taken me when I get back.  I feel we have some sort of unspoken Candy Crush war going on.  I am ok with that.

Today I have some nail art foil from KKcenterHk.  Now I have tried nail foils before but it has never been successful.  Turns out you need a special glue!  Which I am pleased to say KKcenterHk was kind enough to send me.  But despite this it still took a bit of trial an error.

Attempt 1: I didn't want to use up any of my new insane holo foil, so I decided to experiment with the KKcenterHk glue,  and some older foil that I had received from elsewhere.  Left the glue on till it was no longer white, and it worked like a charm.

Attempt 2: Tried to do some cool claw looking reverse french with the KKcenterHk foil.  Epic fail.  I did it the same way I had the previous time but it would NOT stick.

Attempt 3:  I thought maybe it was a drying time thing.  I read that leaving the glue on for a least 5 minutes was good.  So I tried that and used my older foil and the KKCenter Hk foil.  Old foil, perfect.  KKcenterHK, Nadda.

Attempt 4:  I'm getting frustrated by now.  I leave it on for just over 5 minutes this time, and the one big change was I ripped it off like a band aid.  Success!  Add SH quickdry topcoat.  I get's all weird and sticky and the finish get's messed up.

Attempt 5(which is what you are going to see):  I left the glue on for 5 minutes in this cool claw like pattern, placed the foil on top, rubbed it on with a cotton ball and my finger, and ripped it odd quickly.  Tried SV as a topcoat this time.  SUCCESS!  *5 minutes later*  "Where did the holo go?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Left hand, with Seche Vite :(

Right hand, no topcoat :)

So as I learnt, different foils may act differently.  My older foil easily came off when rubbed on the nail, and carefully removed.  Where as this one needed to be taken off quickly for it to stick.  Also I now know that top coat does not always play nice with foils :(  Anyone know of topcoat that plays well with foils?

Over all I really like this and am much more pleased with this mani then I was the first time I tried foils.  The top coat issue stinks, but hopefully I can find something that works well with foils.  Because one I got the hand of applying foils, it's pretty easy and fun!  If you would like this you can head on over to KKcenterHk.  If you want just the foil it's $6.92, the foil and a small glue $8.86, and for the foil and a regular size glue $10.80 (All in USD).


  1. That foil is so pretty! I'm afraid though I have no foil experience, so not sure what topcoat is okay if SV is not...

    I have noticed that I have checked emails on my iphone/ipad for so long, I practically don't know how to do it on the laptop. I keep thinking gosh it is easier to preview these in the Yahoo email app on the iphone/ipad and swipe stuff to delete, etc.... :D

  2. Wow, that is pretty. But it sounds like too much work for me and that plus being a perfectionist and then I am not patient to start with = exasperation and frustration for me. But wow. that is pretty. Come do my nails next!

  3. I've read that most quick-dry topcoats don't get along with foil. Maybe try a regular clear coat, let it dry for 5 minutes or so, then do a quick dry on top to speed up the rest of the drying process? That's what I do with striping tape and decals, as they tend to lift on me if I go straight for the quick dry. Usually do a coat of Gelous/clear, then SV.

  4. I've heard that HK glisten and glow topcoat is good for foils. That and water based top coats

  5. What a lot of time you ended up spending on this mani - it was interesting to read, but I feel your frustration.
    It was awesome before the SV....
    For foils you need to use slow drying top coats = not quick drying...

  6. Picture Polish's Revolution works really well for foils and it doesn't dull the holo in them. Yes, it is a base coat but it works nonetheless...

  7. Hey girl, love all your nail designs!! You are very original and it's inspiring :)

    I saw most of your work on instagram.

    About foil, I've had a similar experience, but I haven't tried regular clean nail polish. Maybe NCLA "Gloss it" will work because it's special for nail decals.
    love your blog! Xx

  8. you are the first person i know that is a high level of candy crush than me. I'm glad to know its possible and i wont be on level 444 forever.

    this is lovely! i love that blue, it looks gorgeous with that silver foil!

  9. Oooh I love this mani! The contrast between the more muted creme and the holo foil is just awesome. Great job! :D

    ~ Yun


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