Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Revlon Enthrall AND a comparison post!: Cold feet

A lot of the times I consider my body to be in a state of permafrost.  Well mainly my extremities.  I'm always cold, and for the most part it doesn't bother me.  I can actually do this cool thing in the winter mostly where I'll put my hand against a clothed person and you can slowly feel my cold.  I like to pretend I'm a short Frost Giant :)  The only time is kind of get's annoying is my feet at night.  They take FOREVER to warm up.  I find when your feet are uncomfortable cold(or hot) it just makes your whole body feel gross.

So today I have something requested by Robyn.  Revlon Enthrall.  It is indeed a beautiful colour!  It's a dark olive green base with golden-olive shimmer.  It was a simple two coats.  My brush was a bit uneven, but I paid pretty much nothing for it at a warehouse sale so I'm ok with it.  Just have to take a bit more time.

When I was looking at it it reminded me an awful lot of China Glaze Cast a Spell, so I decided to compare the two(a first for me!)!  In the bottles you can immediately tell that their bases are different with Revlon being lighter.  You can also see that the Revlon is a lot less sparkly.  When you put them on the nail they look a bit more similar then when in the bottle.  The big difference is Revlon as a whole is more olive toned and the shimmer is all the same.  Where as Cast a Spell is a bit less olive and the shimmer varies from green to gold and has much smaller pieces as well as more.  Overall I think I like the China Glaze more.  For me it just has a bit more depth to it.  That being said they are both BEAUTIFUL colors and I wold not kick Enthrall out of the bed(Unless Enthrall was being a douche).  They are pretty much cousins.

Which do you like more?


  1. That is a really beautiful polish!
    About cold - if I get cold feet at night, then it's impossible for me to fall asleep before they're warm again :)

  2. LOL my body is a state of permafrost from time to time too, and cold feet is the start. Sometimes so bad the i have to wear thick socks to bed and extra blankets, and then after a few hours my body thaws... ;)
    I think I prefer Cast a spell - but they are very like each other...

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  4. When I saw the pics, I immediately thought of Cast a Spell, too (which I just received in the mail after seeing your swatches...). I haven't tried Revlon polish, but you may be making me try it out!

  5. My feet are icicles at night, and it makes my boyfriend mad because I try to take his warms. lol

  6. Gorgeous nail polish! I love the shimmer in it <3

  7. I like both of them, maybe I like China Glaze Cast a Spell a little bit more :-)
    About your cold body: oh, how I understand you, I have the same problem... I suffer a lot, it takes forever to warm up my feet and sometimes I get serious problems with my hands, I get some kind of chillblains, my fingers swallow and I can hardly curve them... ecc, ecc... My doctor says that I have some microcirculation problem... Luckily I live on the sea, so here I don't have so many cold days... :-)


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