Saturday, 23 November 2013

Happy Birthday Doctor Who: Perfect time to whip out Who themed polish!

So I have been SUPER busy the past few days.  I usually get home close to midnight.  Last night I got home just after one, after a fantastic show I did and I'm going to be doing another show tonight.  I actually won't be able to watch Doctor Who's 50 Anniversary special because I will be on my way to rehearsal.  My original plan was to do some really cool nail art, but I was so tired and I just gave up.  But as a loyal Whovian I still had to have Who nails.  So I made it easy for myself and just used my bottle of Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink.

If Don't Blink or Weeping Angels mean nothing to you, I linked you to some info. Because I don't have much time atm.   I will say It's one of the few things I like Steven Moffat for.   This polish was is a light  gray crelly filled with with white and silver hex glitter of varying sizes.  I used 3 coats.  I would have only used two but the the glitter was VERY sparse on the first coat.  My one issue with this polish is that the glitter sinks.  So if you don't shake it after a few nails you won't get enough glitter.  Shaking aside I thought it was VERY pretty.

So tell me what are your feelings on the 50th?  Spoil away. I'm not a person bothered by spoilers.

A little less white in person.


  1. I haven't got any comments about Doctor Who, since I've never ever watched it. I do like the polish you're wearing though! :)

  2. you have done some pretty awesome Who nails in the past, so don't feel back about a simple one this time :)

  3. Don't Blink is a very interesting and unique polish :)

  4. I loved the 50th anniversary special! I didn't manage to do a Doctor Who themed nail art either, but I was (and still am) wearing Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey from Lucky 13 Lacquer! Don't blink is gorgeous as well and that episode is scary.

  5. Love this polish!! I was going to use it in my DW nails but I forgot! It looks beautiful on you!

  6. I like Don't Blink, it's very pretty! :-)


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