Wednesday, 20 November 2013

China Glaze So Blue Without You: The Tea Incident. ALWAYS USE YOUR BRAIN!

So the other day I decided to have a nice, hot cup of tea.  Then I did something stupid.  AS SOON as I made it, without thinking, I took a huge sip.  Liquid that had less than a couple minutes earlier been boiling.  Immediately I spat it out all over myself, the dinner table and a chair and got a glass of cold water.  It was the worst.  And to make matters even better, two days later my tongue just started to seep blood.  It's been about 5 days now and it still feels weird but it doesn't hurt.  Lesson Learnt.  Always use your brain when doing anything.

Anyways you know what scolding drinks remind me of?  Christmas!  Today's polish China Glaze's So Blue Without You was sent to me by Nail Polish Canada.  It came with 2 other polishes in China Glaze's Dash of Dazzle gift set trio, and is also part of their 2013 Christmas collection.  So Blue Without You in an icy blue metallic foil.  It applied in 2 easy coats.  Word of warning.  I swatched this without base coat, and despite only wearing it for a few minutes I could see that it was beginning to stain.  So if that's not a thing you are fine with base coat is for sure something you will want to wear unless you want Smurf fingers.

I also decided to compare So Blue to Orly's Sweet Peacock.   They are close and look like they could be related.  Application was also pretty much the same for the two.  But is you can see Sweet Peacock is a deeper, dare I say peacock blue. 

If you would like to polish the Dash of Dazzle Trio you can get it over at Nail Polish Canada for $15.00CND.  Or you can buy the polish on it's own for $6.95CND.  And for a limited time all orders(no matter what the price) will be shipped for free within Canada!

Tell me you deep dark feeling of metallic blues.
*Product sent for honest review.


  1. I love blue polishes like these. Given the choice between the two I would go for the Orly. I like the extra depth it has :)

  2. Poor you - how terrible, that has been quite a burn - maybe you should have contacted your doctor...?
    Good wishes for a speedy recovery!
    It is such a pretty blue - but smurf nails, I hate those too :)

  3. omg! you crazy person. this story reminded me of rain man - 'hot water burn baby!'

  4. Your tea incident sounds awful and quite serious... hope you heal up soon. <3
    This is a lovely blue! Not sure what it is about blues, but the majority of them leave me with smurfy fingers.

    ~ Yun

  5. Ouch, I can sympathize. Done that with hot cocoa. Not to the extent you did though. I hope you are fully recovered asap. I love that blue polish, that is the first one from the holiday collection that I got. It looks fab on you!

  6. I once spilled tea all over my hand. It is dangerous but also delicious.

  7. I hate burned tongue and smurf nails! :-) I'm very late with commenting, hope you're OK now! :-)


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