Sunday, 15 September 2013

Skull and Crossbones + Black Pearl. This could be a Pirates Of The Caribbean post!

Good news everyone.  I have finally (sort of) figured out my eyebrows!  It's taken me long enough :P  I always (sort of) kept them in check, but as of recently I was done with them trying to amalgamate.  And got them so MUCH more under control.  Next up big girl make up!  It's funny because I can barely do a natural look but if you want me to look like my face was slashed open, I can do that!

Anyways on the the reviews.  First are the born pretty, gold skull, nail art decorations I got.  I kinda love these.  They look ridiculously cool and they are super easy to use.  While you can wear them horizontally across the nail like you would those bows you've probably all seen.  I liked wearing it over my entire nail.  It reminded me of a pirate flag.  Because I didn't wear them out I only placed them on top of the wet polish, and then took it off soon after.  Had I been going out I would have used nail glue.  As you can see in my last photo the back of the skull isn't filled in, so there is less surface area for it to stick.  So I for sure would have gone for something more heavy duty.

Next is Chanel Black Pearl on it's own.  This was the first Chanel polish I ever bought.  Although I have never shown it on the blog, I have worn it multiple times before.  Black Pearl is a charcoal gray, packed with green shimmer.  Don't let these pictures scare you.  This polish is NOT streaky in real life.  It looks more like the last few photos with the skulls almost all the time.  This reminded me of really murky, creepy, stormy water.  So I thought this would be perfect with a skull!

If you would like the Chanel polish, it is part of their core line.  It retails for around $27USD.  You can find the skulls over at the Born Pretty Store.  They retail 2 skulls for $0.99USD(but I do wish they came in a pack with maybe 10), and come in gold or silver.  If you would like these skulls or anything else from the Born Pretty Store you can also use our discount code EAL91 and get 10% off whatever you buy!

*Some products sent for honest review


  1. That is a totally cool mani, and Black Pearl works so great for this :)

  2. Cute mani! That's a fantastic gray... very cool and sophisticated! :)

    ~ Yun

  3. Accent nail really looks like the pirate flag! And what a great idea to use Black Pearl for this mani :)

  4. I have found that L'Oréal 608 Luxembourg Garden looks pretty much the same as Black Pearl! It's more budget-friendly ;-)
    I love the boldness of that charm. So badass. Would be worried about snagging it in my hair though!


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