Monday, 2 September 2013


What kind of things do you like watching on beauty vlogs? 

 What kind of things are you not so crazy about?
*Does not have to be limited to vlogs that are mainly nail related.


  1. I like to watch makeup application especially different eye looks, comparison and dupe videos showing drugstore knockoffs of department store cosmetics, outfit of the day especially special occasion ensembles, and tutorials/craft ideas on how to make your own accessories, home decor, and stuff like that. If you can decorate with it, or dress it up, I am all for it. I would also enjoy topics such as coverage of Comic-con, D23 expo, IMATS, Burning Man, and other artistic venues - you could do like a what to wear series, or your OOTD series. Fashion week coverage in LA or NY too!

  2. Umm I like watching everything, I think. I love seeing other's favorite products and what doesn't work for them. Also specifically, I like tutorials on eye makeup for Asian eyes, since our different eye shape makes western eye makeup totally not work for us. :)

    ~ Yun

  3. I am such a nerd, I ONLY follow nail polish blogs, and I usually only comment on polish related posts :)

  4. I'm not sure if I'm weird (though I really am) but I really like watching videos showing tons of nail polish. lol. Like people going through their nail polish collection... Yup, I'm definitely weird. Hihi.

  5. I like watching step by step makeup tutorials, specially advanced eye looks. I don't like videos longer than 8-10 minutes, or under bad lighting, people repeating 100 same things. A clean background also makes it nicer to look at. I also like videos about new releases, and nail art tutorials. Everything artsy and crafty. Haul videos or stash videos bore me.
    I realise this is a late answer, but thought one more opinion wouldn't hurt.


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