Tuesday, 3 September 2013

KKCenterHk Full Nail Water Transfer Stickers: They're MELTING!!!

So first of all if you haven't it would be great if you could go over to the previous post and answer those questions.  My friend and I need to figure out what people like and what people don't like on vlogs.  And for the record the reason we want to know this isn't as obvious at it may seem, but I'll get into details later.  But I think(I hope) you guys will all love what we have in mind :P

Now today I have water transfer sticker from KKCenterHk in Illusion.  It's a bunch of black and white swirly illusion patterns.  It looks pretty cool both up close and far away!  Now I decided to try these because I had already given water decals a go, but nothing that covered the whole nail.  These looks like normal nail polish stickers/wraps, but they apply just like the smaller nail art decals.
 Came in a set of 12 and had a petite nail file

On the back of the packege there is a set of instructions, both in pictures and written out.  This was a bit confusing.  1)The photo wasn't clear that after you dip it in the pater you then take it off the back.  2)The written instructions didn't even mention putting it in water.

Here are some things I noticed about these.  Once you get them off their backing after dipping them in water they apply just like nail polish appliqués or stickers.  Although because of the water when you put them on they may be a bit slippery a first.  Something else I noticed was while they were very easy to put on you had to be VERY careful, as they are VERY delicate and tear easily.  Especially when you file the tips off.  So a trick I learnt for getting rid of the tip was acetone.  You can watch these melt with acetone.  I would cut the tip as close as I could to the nail, and then get a brush soaked in acetone.  I then would place the brush on top of the portion hanging off my nail and it would literally just melt away.  On the melting topic, you can also do clean up with this like you would for polish.  But be careful because again these are delicate and it's easy to melt away too much.   Also there is a clear border around the actual design, but that's easy to melt away too.

Something I noticed after a day of wearing them was they had started to crack.  Even though I had added a layer of topcoat(Sally Hansen) like they suggested, I added another coat that seems to be holding strong.

While these aren't as durable as some of the other nail wraps and polish appliqués I've tried, and the designs aren't as crisp, I would completely buy them again for a special night out.  They have some pretty unique designes.  I would just use 2 layers of topcoat next time!

If you would like to try these out you can find them over at KKCenterHk where they retail for $8.52 USD.  And get 10% off with our coupon code 'varnishedvalkyrie'!

*Product sent for honest review


  1. Thanks for the tips! I like the idea of these.

  2. It looks pretty! I haven't tried all nail water decals either, but maybe I will some day :)

  3. That's a really cool design! Your nail stickers are always applied impeccably, I have to say! :)

    ~ Yun

  4. Thanks for the tip regarding melting away the decal at the tip of your nails. I usually just apply a top coat but the decals sometimes crumple like hell and ruin the whole design.

  5. Awesome nail stickers. I like this kind of design of decals very appealing.


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