Friday, 26 April 2013

Random Wednesday: I AM THE TARDIS!!!

I HAD nail posts all ready to go.  Well not all ready to go they were on my camera still.  Point is I sort of had them started.  Anyways I uploaded them the other day and my first thought was "Wow, these look like shit".  So now I have nothing to post.  And since I haven't posted a random Wednesday in eons here in one to satisfy your Varnished Valkyrie Needs.

A little while ago I posted how I did a Doctor Who fan fiction show and as a massive Whovian  I had to dress up.  Specifically as Captain Jack Harkness.  And people asked to see the photos.  Well here they are.  Sorry they aren't the best,  I just get up on stage and generally someone else takes pictures!  Which is why there is no proper body shot :(

You can see a part of my face and half my body.
Typical fan fiction evening.  I generally throw all my morals and dignity aside for a laugh.
Here an excerpt from the fan fiction we read:
"Amy, why are you so furious?" Rory asked. "You had an affair with the Doctor behind my back for fuck knows how long, and I when I try to have sex with him once, you flip out?!"

"Rory, we are a family," Amy said, indignity. "You don't sneak off, leaving me horny in bed alone to get some alien ass. When you're in the mood for interspecies gay sex, tell me so I can join in. That's marriage, Rory!"

Marriage guys...that is marriage.
I hope Amy from Literary Lacquers is reading this magic right now.  This is literature at it's greatest.

This costume is a female version, but the only reason for that is I couldn't find any pants that fit me in time.  Also I KNOW I don't have a Vortex Manipulator!  Next time!

I have also dressed up as the TARDIS.  You can all praise Robyn for making it for me.

Anyways that's all for today folks!  Hopefully this weekend we'll hit ya with some more nail magic!  Also don't forget about our giveaway!  Less than a week left!


  1. What?! I want to go to that! haha - I love Dr. Who and dressing up! And I want to steal your TARDIS dress. ;)

  2. Hahaha, I love!!! Yep, in my experience, that is exactly marriage. And your costumes are fantastic too! I haven't started reading Who fic yet, but I was soooo into BtVS fanfic back in the day. Even wrote a few myself, which I'm probably going to go back and read again, now that you've got me thinking of it--hopefully I won't cringe *too* hard. >_<

    PS: Aaurgh, I hate those days when the pictures let you down. I have had way too many of those myself.

  3. For about half a second I thought you were my friend who has done a Doctor Who themed burlesque show.

  4. Hehe this looks like it was so much fun! :D

    ~ Yun


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