Sunday, 28 April 2013

HELP! :(


Is any one out there a Mac wizard?  Because I could use one.  Appealing to the internet is my last cry for help before going to the Mac store.

So long story short my Mac began lagging earlier today(which is not uncommon) so I decided to shut it down and restart it.  I've done this plenty of times without a problem.  However this time it turned on, went to the white screen with the apple, then a blue screen...and it just stayed on the blue screen.

After doing some research I found multiple options for my problem.  None of them seemed to work so I found one final solution that was to be used if none of the others worked.  Archive and install everything.  So essentially reinstall most of my programs and not loose all that much stuff.

So I got my installation CD put it in and followed all these instructions(  When I git to the very last step(install) this is what I got:

It says 'Mac OS X cannot fit on the volume "Macintosh HD"'.  So then I go to coustomize and is see this:

It tells me how many GB are required.   And I have the option to get rid of stuff the problem is a) I have no clue if any of the stuff there is important b) Even if I do unclick eveything I STILL don't have enough space:

Does anyone know what I do now?

I'm going to honest with you I could loose all my nail polish related stuff and I would be slightly pressed.  I could loose all my photos and I would be bummed.  If I loose my writing from the past 5 years I will loose it.  I will go mental.  Then I will probably drink loads.  I know I should have backed everything up but as of right now that's too late.

Any help would be appreciated.



  1. I've had to bring my Mac to the Apple store before, it was a pain. Not the most convenient thing to lug around the mall. Before you do that I would suggest visiting their support page, I've found it to be very helpful in the past ( If that doesn't do the trick call their hotline, I believe the number is (44) 0844 209 0611*** for UK costumers. Once my iPad screen turned dark green after a tumble off a bus seat, and the operator was able to solve the problem very quickly. I think for Macs they actually have a program that they run right there where they can access your computer from theirs and see the problem, I think that's what my Dad had them do when our wifi was being screwy. I really hope this helps! It would be awful to loose all of your data :(

  2. Oh, no, Kas! I would definitely talk to Apple support or the store before you overwrite everything--I'm sure they could at least back up your drive in the store for you before you re-install, right? Yikes. Will keep fingers crossed!

  3. I'm not a Mac-girl, so I can't help you out, but I surely hope that somebody can! I keep my fingers crossed for you! x

  4. Oh noes!! I don't use Macs, so I have no idea. But I hope it all gets sorted out soon. *hugs*

    ~ Yun

  5. It sounds like your hard drive is corrupted, but I haven't been anywhere near anything apple/mac since elementary school, so I'm not sure. I hope you find a solution.

    I am going to go hug my PC now. And my terabyte portable backup drive.

  6. I have no knowledge of Mac stuff, but just wanted to say good luck and I really hope you get it sorted! I've been in similar situations and it SUCKS!


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