Friday, 19 April 2013

I'm just running in circles...

So as you guys know, The Born Pretty Store sent us some lovely things to review recently, and today I'm showing you my pick!

I got the 1.5mm silver circle studs, and I am SO pleased with them.  They were easy to use, they stuck well and don't fall off easily, and look really, really nice on.  I wore these to work at my yoga studio and had about 20 people ask where I got them done.  I've had them on for two days now and they're showing no signs of falling off.  They also don't catch when I have my hands in my long hair, which - to me at least - is pretty freaking great.

I decided to put them over a dark purple base because I wanted a colour that worked with my skin and still let the studs show, so here are these awesome studs over two coats of NARS Koh Lanta.

Do you guys love this easy nail art as much as I do? I'm already planning to wear them again.  These are just so nice and fun.  You can pick them up from Born Pretty Store, you get a lot of them so it's well worth it.  

Remember to use our discount code EAL91 for a 10% discount.  Not only that but shipping is always free!

*Product was sent for honest review


  1. It's a gorgeous Nars polish - and it's very elegant with the studs...

  2. Great combination! That purple looks so good in you! I wonder if it does on me too hihi :) And yes, I do love love quick nail arts too :) Kisses,


  3. i have been loving circles, this is so pretty!


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