Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why yes, my nails do have a healthy uranium glow!: Introducing my Wiki Series.

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So the past couple of weeks I have been busy so I haven't really had time to make my nails pretty for you guys.  Not only that but as far as nail art goes I've just been feeling a tad uninspired.  I do have some manicures planned but I'm saving them for specific days.

While looking for inspiration, I remembered something.  A friend who I do sketch with said that he always carry's an encyclopedia around.  If he doesn't know what to write about he just turns to a random page and writes about whatever he sees first.  Now I didn't have a encyclopedia(The children's one I have does not count).  But I have Wikipedia.  So I decided to see if Wikipedia could help me get inspired.  And it's easy because they have an option where you can choose a random article!

Now I made up a few rules/cheats:
1) If I don't like the first article or I just want to see if I can find something that inspired me more I can select a max of 3 articles.  Once 3 are chosen I must choose one.
2) Things that are inappropriate I can disregard and they are not counted as one of my possible 3 articles. (War, murder etc.)
3) I can disregard things that aren't articles. (If the word has different meaning or it's people with the same name it will sometimes send you to a page that gives you options for different articles that have the same title).  Not counted in possible 3 choices.
4) Vague articles can be disregarded.  I had an article pop up that was a sentence saying it was a patch of land somewhere.  Depending on article I can choose to disregard it.

So what was my first random article? *Drumroll*


Yup the number 92.  I looked over the article and saw that it was the atomic number of uranium.  Huzzah inspiration!  I have Sally Hansen's Ivy League and it reminded me so much of glowing uranium, I knew I had to use it somehow.  So I ended up doing these toxic nails!  I used that, BK polish in number 19 from the Born Pretty store and acrylic paint and OPI's black shatter(didn't think I would be using that anytime soon).

I can't want do another wiki article inspired manicure!


  1. Cool mani! I love that you can find inspiration from anywhere. I especially love that bright green base color! :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. I'm a science teacher and u just lit a spark for me. thank u!

  3. Omgggg, this totally made the nerd inside me squeal! Sooo creative <3

  4. Oh that is awesome. Wonderfully nerdy and a great way of getting ideas for manis! Can't wait to see the next one.

  5. What a prefect green - and so cool for this mani!!

  6. How cool is that!? I love the idea and the translation onto your nails!
    Perfect <3

  7. Haaa, this is awesome! What a freaking fun article to get! Please don't mind if I steal the wikipedia idea because it is just such a WIN!

    1. Thanks! And go crazy! It would be great to see what other people end up getting and what they come up with :)

  8. That is such an awesome idea for choosing something to write about!! And I love the colour. Have you ever played "10 clicks to Harry Potter?" on Wikipedia? Maybe it's 7, can't remember. The idea is that you can start out on any Wikipedia page and you'll get to Harry Potter if you click on the right, related links. It's very amusing :P. Also it's the same for Hitler... but Harry Potter is a much more positive thing to search.

  9. Cool nail art! Too bad the number wasn't 42...(Hitchhiker's Guide nails?!)

  10. That is so awesome! Absolutely love it. :D

  11. What a great way to be inspired! I'm considering to join a challenge atm, just for the inpiration :)

  12. This green is a perfect base for this nail art! Great inspiration! :-)

  13. i lvoe your new method of seeking inspiration! this is an awesome mani!

  14. Awesome way to find inspiration! Looking forward to more of these. :D


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