Friday, 29 March 2013

Model's Own Lilac Dream... Y U HAVE SUCH BAD FORMULA

Have you ever bought a polish in a colour that you loved and then tried to put it on only to find the formula to be so absolutely horrible that you almost stopped halfway through application?

Yeah, me too.

So I got my first Model's Own polishes from Ninja Polish recently, and I had heard good things about the brand and was excited to try it.  I decided to go for Lilac Dream first as I was going out with a friend who loves pink and purple and thought she'd appreciate it.

Well... If thinner doesn't help this one, she won't be coming out to play again.  This formula was an all around MESS.  Thick and goopy as hell, stringy, and there was no levelling in sight.  I am AMAZED it looked even remotely okay after top coat and drying, because this was just a hot mess.  I have never used a polish with a worse formula.  I haven't tried my two other polishes from the brand yet out of fear they'll be anything like this.  I hope I just got a bad bottle :(

(Don't get too used to my long nails! I chopped them down again, but not TOO short!)


  1. Love the title of your polish. Pretty color but I can't deal with polishes with a bad formula, no good.

  2. Reading your explanation was like reading "don't buy it, don't buy it", but I do like the colour! :-) I really hope that you just got a bad bottle and that the other two polishes will be better! :-)

  3. What a shame, it's so pretty!

  4. Sounds like some thinner should help it. Did you shake it? All of my Models Own bottles say to shake them. lol

  5. That's such a shame, its a lovely colour.

  6. that is too bad about the formula because its a gorgeous color

  7. too bad about the formula as the color is absolutely gorgeous!


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