Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My FIRST yellow polish! - BK Sweet Candy Fast Dry Nail Art Polish

Yes it is true I am, well was a yellow polish virgin.  Now I don't have gallons of polish.  I probably have just over 200.  But you would think that in just over 200 bottles of polish there would be at least one yellow.  Now I have nothing against the colour yellow I just always thought it looked yucky against my skin.

When asked to review some other stuff from the Born Pretty Store I decided why not go crazy and get a yellow polish?  I ended up going with the BK Sweet Candy Fast Dry Nail Art Polish in #19.  The best way to describe it is a SpongBob yellow cream, with uber fine shimmer.  Although as you can see in the pictures depending on the lighting it can look like a more vibrant yellow.  I used 4 coats for complete opacity on my left hand and 3 on my right.  I would have used 3 on my left but I had a bit of dragging which resulted in balk spots.  I think next time I'll use 2 coats over white.  But over all the formula was superb.  Easy to control and not too thick or too thin.

I should also add I don't know if this is 3-free.  None of the ingredients are written in English.  Minus the letters DBP in brackets.  With the help of a translator I saw found the words toluene and formaldehyde.  And the section that had these words was written in all black rather then white like the rest of the text.  So I think it might be.  But don't take my word for it.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with this polish on day 2 of wearing it!

Now tell me your innermost feeling on the colour yellow.  This is a safe place.

ETA:  Wait!  I do have a yellow polish!  It's an Orly mini.  But it only half counts because I bought it in a 4 pack and because I wanted the orange that the pack came with.  This is the first time I have intentionaly sought out a yellow polish.

 In natural light

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*Products were sent for an honest review


  1. Some yellows are a bit hit and miss but I really like this one.

  2. This is a great shade! It looks so different in each picture, might be the lighting as you said, how interesting. I think this shade suits you perfectly!

  3. I love yellow polish and I think this one looks great on you!

  4. That's a pretty happy sunshiney yellow and it looks great on you! I buy yellows for nail art but I've never worn it as polish. Yours looks great, so maybe I will try with a pretty Spring mani.

  5. This really looks great on you!

  6. It's a very pretty yellow, and it suits you well - go and buy more yellow's they are addictive ;)

  7. It looks pretty much perfect on you. :) I'm jealous. Yellows look like crap on me!

  8. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. That shade of yellow is gorgeous, so bright and cheery.

  9. I think this actually looks great on you! Yellows can be hard to rock but you're doing it!

  10. looks very funky! I'm not a big fan of yellow myself, but I have some obligatory cremes that I use for nail art.

    1. Es super bonito ese tono amarillo, me encantan!!

      Un besito desde  ❤sɔıʇǝɯsoɔƃuıʌol❤ te invito a que pases por mi blog a ver si te gusta y si es así a quedarte =D

  11. i only had 1 yellow for a looooong time, but once i started blogging i bought...2 more. I know I'm just overflowing with yellows :-P but this one is really nice! i love how it can look bright or super neon.

  12. About three years ago I went through a phase where I kept buying pale pastel yellows, trying to find the ideal one for me. I don't think I ever found it, but now I have 5 near-identical pastel yellows. Hmm. Maybe it's time to take up the hunt again?

  13. I think that this yellow looks very good on you! :-)
    I have a similar story to tell... :-) I don't really like some colours like yellow and orange, so for a long, loooong time I didn't have any yellow nail polish... Then I found one that is a little bit like pastel yellow and I bought it.. :-) Well, that yellow is the only yellow I have and I don't know if he will ever have some new yellow buddies, maybe some light light yellow... :-)


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