Friday, 4 January 2013

Lovely FIngers: Les Misérables Nails

So yesterday I went with my friend Eliza to see Les Misérables(And I ate popcorn for the first time since I had my wisdom teeth removed! Huzzah!).  I've never read the book or actually seen the musical live but I've know the music and story for a while as I fancy musicals.  As does Eliza.  But Les Mis for her is the bees knees of musicals.  Long story story overall it was great and you should all go see it.  Unless you don't want to sit through an almost 3 hour movie.  Or a musical.  Chances are if you hate both these things you will want to steer clear of this.

For my nails I decided to sponge the french flag and do red flag accent nails.  I used Claire's Snowball, OPI's Dating a Royal and Essie's Fishnet Stockings. I loved how it came out looking gritty.  I am so sorry if it's a bit messy(especially the right hand).  I find red polishes to be a pain to clean up but Fishnet Stocking is the Devil.

Ps.  Unless you know your stuff about movie musicals/musicals you probably wont understand this but wouldn't it be horrific if Adam Shankman directed  Les Mis?

 Ignore the mess around my cuticles on my right hand.  But I really loved how the sponging turned out.


  1. Its super pretty love the sponge look!

  2. I love the look of your sponging!

  3. This is so pretty! This sponging is perfect!!

  4. oh my gosh how I love this!!! I just recently did a French flag look and damn, that's totally what I should have done!!! Your mani is just perfect!!

  5. lovely! my first thought was Pepsi nails, but that's just me :)

  6. I so thought this was a tribute to me! Hehehehe! FYI I mentioned you on my post today.

    1. You actually crossed my mind when I wrote it :P

  7. I really want to watch that movie as well! And I love the roughness of the gradient, it totally fits with the theme!


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