Monday, 5 November 2012


Anyways I did a show this weekend.  It was another one of those fan fiction shows (This one was recorded so I'll see if I can post it).  It was great fun yet again.  But this time for once I understood the fandom!

Anyways quick story.  Some man who was in his 50's tried to hit on me.  First off I should mention he was a hard 50.  I don't mind 50 year olds.  Most men in their 20's stink.  But that's another post.   He kept chasing me around and coming VERY close (The kind of close where when you move away they get closer).  He finished his attempts of getting inside my TARDIS by saying "I feel like I'm at a party surrounded by Hollywood stars".  I responded with "Well I wouldn't go that far".  To which he said in the creepiest voice "Yet...You could be a star".  Agfsiayudhkjs. And in the words of Gary Barlow "I don’t know what’s offended me more, what you said or the fag ash breath!"

That being said a couple people asked for my autograph after the show.  He was not one of those people.

Anyways onto the nails.  On my right hand I did galaxy nails.  But they looked almost identical to the galaxy nails I did last time so I didn't bother photographing them.  My left hand was my doctor hand!  My thumb said Bad Wolf (as you can probably read), my pinky was two hearts (The Doctor has two hearts), My Ninth Doctor index finger and Eleventh Doctor ring finger were inspired by these minimalist Doctor Who posters.  If you hadn't figured it out it's their jackets.  Finally my middle finger is the Tenth Doctor wearing 3D glasses.

It's funny because my index finger was actually the hardest to do.  At first the blue was too dark, and then his shirt was totally off, or I tried adjusting it so much his jacket looked almost closed.  I finally got it right on the fourth try after using tape.

I LOVE this manicure.  Probably one of my favourite pieces of nail art I've done.

 My middle finger looks best here.  You can see the glasses properly.

(L-R) OPI Black Only, Nailene French Manicure, Ruby Kisses Blue My Mind, Milani Neon Dude Blue, Essie's Fishnet Stockings, OPI's Suzi Loves Cowboys & Over The Taupe, Claire's Snowball and finally acrylic paint.
 "I am the TARDIS...The sexy TARDIS!"

Who's your Doctor?  Mine's Nine, but I do love me some Ten.


  1. Great nail art! I'm equally happy with both 10 and 11, honestly, though 9 was perfect for his time. Eccleston did a *perfect* job at portraying The Doctor right after the Time War. Alone, angry, clearly the reason he got the title The Oncoming Storm. The tenth doctor was, really, Rose's Doctor. He was almost tailor-regenerated for her. And now Eleven is somewhere between the two. Not as happy as when he had Rose, not as fiercely angry as before she entered his life, but sad, very sad, and even having River in his life doesn't stop him from missing Rose from time to time, ya know? He's really hesitant to make ties with anyone other than Amy and Rory at this point, and *hesitant* is kind of an awkward trait for the Doctor...

    And I shouldn't comment on blogs when I'm in babbly mode, 'cause I'm sure you didn't want that much introspection from "Who's your Doctor?" :P

    1. Thanks! And if there's any nail blog where you should leave that answer it's this one! I wish Eccleston stayed a bit longer. I loved how he was so angry and different from any of the other doctors. (But if he didn't want to be on the show due to personal problems he was having with people I'm glad he left. Don't want someone who doesn't want to be there). The current do I explain this. I like Matt as the character of the doctor. I do not like the story lines. I did not care for Amy and Rory but I thought they had characters that could go somewhere. With all the other companions I feel I had reason to care. They made them out as real people with families and lives so you really did care what happened to them. When Eleven cam around it was like a totally different show. But I totally agree with you about the progression of the Doctor :)

      Also this is a Moffat thing but I HATE how he wants to make it look more like a movie. The campyness was part of the shows charm. Now I'm not saying let's go back and make it look like it was filmed in the 70's still, moving forward is great. But there was something about the new series 1-4. I sometime feel overwhelmed by the production.

      Random but I'm just telling you thing based on your comment(so for all I know this wont interest you) but have you heard of "Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on The Inside"? I feel like you would appreciate it. Although I've just started it and apparently it really doesn't mention Eleven all that much.

      This is my longest comment ever. I think it was worth it :P

  2. These are, in the words of the Ninth Doctor: "absolutely fantastic!" :)

  3. Glad to see so much Ninth love! And such fabulous nails. As always.

  4. The middle finger art for some reason made me think of Elton John back in the day with his off the wall glasses he always wore LOL. Too funny.


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