Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Seriously, how did she do it???

So the same person who gifted me with Nein! Nein! Okay Fine! also gave me this beauty.  This, on the other hand, was one I definitely would've picked up myself when I found it solo.  I was pretty in love from the swatches I saw, so I knew that one day it would be mine.

So, onto the important stuff:  You Glitter Be Good To Me is part of OPI's breast cancer duo this year.  Part of the reason I didn't want to buy the duo is because the proceeds go to Komen, whose policies I'm generally not wild about.  I guess some shops are already splitting them up, because she found this one and knew it was perfect for me.  Glad she did!

It's a mix of large magenta hexes and small pale pink ones.  In the bottle, like a lot of others have previously noted, it's not terribly impressive.  But on the nail it's a totally different story.  It's hard to capture on film, but it looks almost like pink armour.  Even my dad stopped me to check out my nails as I took photos.  MY DAD.  Kas knows what a ridiculous deal this is.

This is three coats, and I should've use more careful application, but even with my fast messiness it still applied nicely.  I think this would layer really well, and I can see this being a great jelly sandwich filler. I know my ring finger looks funny, I'm actually not sure how that happened, but it looked normal in person, go figure!

The last photo is the most accurate, I'd say!


  1. Looks great on you! I actually tried it as a jelly sandwich and I didn't like how it looked much because the glitter is so dense. But if you find a way, I'd love to see it!

  2. Very pretty!!! I look forward to seeing all those different manis here :-)

  3. This one is on my wish list for sure!


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